A.H.Tripp & Son Ltd was originally established in 1867 as a family run stagecoach Inn and blacksmith, then moving into haulage using horse drawn wagons. At the end of the Second World War, the increasing popularity of motor cars meant the end of the working horse and we purchased our first vehicles – a Ford Model T and a Chevrolet.

This period also saw a boom in the housing market and we used our new vehicles to start transporting bricks from the South West India Docks on the Isle of Dogs. The influx of new housing led to a growing need for removal services, which is where we began focusing our activities. We now have our own fleet of purpose built removal vehicles which transport possessions around the world.

We continue to be owned and run by the Tripp family, and our reputation as an honest, reliable and highly professional removal company remains to this day.

Our History


A.H.Tripp & Son is founded as a stagecoach inn and blacksmith. We continually evolved our business as the needs of those in the area change.


We began to develop our haulage services by using horse drawn wagons to collect chairs from High Wycombe and deliver them to auctions in London’s Hyde Park.


Having moved into haulage at the start of the century, the end of the Second World War brought new technology and we invested in our first motor vehicles.


We continue to be a family run business with the fifth generation of Tripps now at the helm, and have carefully and expertly handled the possessions of over 100,000 people.

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